Introducing Marianne The Jeep!

Skye Jeep Tours Jeep at Elgol

Skye Jeep Tours Jeep at Elgol

Marianne is a Hotchkiss M201 Jeep and she was built in France in 1961. Here is a condensed history:

  1. 1946 the USA gives 22,000 Jeeps to the French Army but only about 10,000 actually worked!

  2. The duff Jeeps were broken up for parts, resulting in a HUGE inventory of perfectly useable spares.

  3. Some Jeeps were built from these spares, but there were still a lot of parts sitting on the shelves doing nothing.

  4. The Hotchkiss company started making the spares needed to produce more Jeeps. These Jeeps have parts made by Ford, Willys and Hotchkiss!

  5. Hotchkiss were given the licence to make the complete vehicle from their own Hotchkiss-made parts. They made many subtle improvements to the original design, most notably upgrading the electrics to 24volts and better suspension. Marianne is as comfortable as a Jeep gets!


Jeeps were built for the battlefield, not for tourism! Please remember this if the ride is a little bumpy! This is all part of the fun. In warm weather it is great to take the roof down and ‘go topless’ but the canvas roof does keep the worst of the rain off if you are unlucky with the weather. Dress accordingly and you will all have a teriffic time with us. A Jeep Tour is an adventure too!


Skye Jeep Tours Jeep at Elgol, Isle of Skye.

Skye Jeep Tours Jeep at Elgol, Isle of Skye.

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